Yoga and adventure travel at the San Blas Yoga Retreats

Andra is the author of
The Essential Kombucha
- The Manchurian Mushroom.

Andra Malczewski is a "Medicine Lady," a Yogin, a naturalist, a humanist, and a deeply committed practitioner of holistic health methods.   She will be teaching yoga, giving talks and facilitating the adventure travel and ecotourism excursions at the yoga retreats.  Andra is a  professional athlete and Olympic trained ice skating champion.  She was a professional skateboarder and won the Women's World Championship two years in a row.  She also appeared on Charlie's Angels.   Andra teaches yoga, dance, surfing and aerobics in San Blas and was a judge at the Sayulita surf contest last year.   She has lived in the tropics for 30 years and has mastered the art of tropical living.

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