Adventure Travel in Mexico at the San Blas Yoga Retreats

Las Islitas  This beach is one the the most beautiful spots in Mexico and is always a favorite at the retreats.  Relax at a ramada and enjoy the view.  The water is generally calm and clear but when the waves break this is one of the premier surfing spots of the world, known for the world's longest wave.

Jungle Boat Ride  On this adventure, we take a boat through the mangrove swamps to La Tovara, a beautiful natural crystal clear spring where you can swim with the crocodiles!  Stop at the crocodile farm to see how they breed them for repopulation.  See many species of exotic tropical birds including egrets and blue herons. Usually the guests see several crocodiles in the wild, large turtles, iguanas and who knows what else. 

Historic San Blas  San Blas is one of the oldest ports in Mexico. Visit the old Spanish fort and church. Go into town for shopping at the colorful shops of the indigenous population. Pick up some colorful beadwork from the Huichol Indians.

Sea Cruise We will rent lanchas to explore the virgin coastline of Nayarit. You can go whale watching in season from January through March. The rest of the year you might see playful dolphins or giant sea turtles. This area has 3 species of dolphins and is one of the best parts of Mexico for observing dolphins.  Perhaps you can swim with the dolphins.  This is an ecotourism adventure you won't forget.

Cora waterfalls Another adventure travel highlight, these fall are 50 feet high and form a swimming pool with clean water.  A trail leads downstream to other falls.

Santa Cruz Expedition Hike around the nearby village of Santa Cruz. Visit the beautiful gardens of the local residents.  Walk up a hill with the most beautiful view ever.  Wander through the banana plantations as Andra points out the medicinal uses of the local plants.

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