Holistic Healing with Kombucha, Chaya and Yoga at San Blas Yoga Retreats

Holistic healing by Andra Anastazia Malczewski

For the past 25 years I have been living in a jungle area of Mexico studying natural remedies and hosting health retreats.  I observed many cures while working with doctors, clinics, scientists, native Indian medical people, neighbors and friends who also do research work.  I have been impressed by the wisdom and formulas of the ancient Aztec, Mayan and Tibetan civilizations.

The most useful learning process has come from growing my own herbs, making tonics and through observation of their effects.

In the village where I live, everyone seems to know at least one good home remedy that has been passed on from generation to generation. We often trade recipes and exchange plants and herbs which most people grow in their gardens.

Every once in a while, I hear about a remedy that is considered a "Panacea" or "cure for all ills." I was curious and began to investigate the formulas that fall into this category. I researched the herbs which were considered to be the most effective according to the civilizations well know for their medicinal wisdom.

I discovered a few formulas or techniques that cure a wide range of illnesses and also rejuvenate by promoting good health of the entire body.

Noted centenarian people integrate some type of herbal tonic, special food or exercise as part of their daily life.  Consistency is an important factor.

To be able to integrate something into my daily routine, I needed to find something that was easy, ecomomical and effective.  Some of my favorite formulas which I have used for many years include: rejuvelac, live sprouted seeds such as alfalfa, Chaya, Chi Kung, Tibetan yoga and Konbucha tea.

By studying the experimenting with these highly effective remedies, I have come up with my own "theory of cure-all-activity". I decided that if just one of these formulas alone can improve one's health so much, then using a balanced combination of three should be super effective!

My three favorite "cure-alls" fall into different categories. Each one has a remarkable rejuvenation effect, which has been documented for centuries.  Each one has noticeable effects during the first few weeks alone, and will result in visible transformation if used consistently for three months.  There is considerable strength in the triangle and the "theory of cure-all-activity" can be illustrated like this:

At the San Blas Yoga Retreats our tonic will be kombucha, our exercise yoga and our green, chaya.

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