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There are no yoga retreats scheduled for this year.

Our neighbor, El Encanto, often offers yoga retreats and workshops.
Visit their website for more information.

Have you ever returned from a vacation saying "I need a vacation?  Isn't it time you took the whole of you on vacation - your soul, mind, spirit and body?  Welcome to San Blas Yoga Retreats -  retreats that will give you the fun and adventure you are looking for and at the same time revitalize you --  restoring your optimum vitality.

Take advantage of the most healthful and adventure-filled winter holiday yet.  Make this year a memorable time with a rejuvenating yoga retreat on exquisite Matanchen Bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, with its lush tropical jungles, sandy beaches and sparkling waterfalls.  

Experience new dimensions of yourself. This is the perfect environment to get yourself "tuned-up" for not only the coming months, but for the rest of the year.  Discover your optimum vitality.  Learn to relax and reduce stress in your life through a personalized yoga and health maintenance program, while you also get a taste of the colorful local Mexican culture and language.  

In the mornings you can wander off to the beach before the daily yoga class. Afternoons will be devoted to natural exercise and activities - a hike to the waterfalls,  long walks on the beach, whale watching, the jungle boat ride, a tour of the traditional  village of Singayta,  and an informal tour of  historic San Blas.  Perhaps you would like to try surfing.  All activities are optional - if you like you can relax in your room or on a hammock. 

The retreats take place off the beaten path at the Hotel  Paraiso Miramar, a small ecotourism hotel on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  You will have a chance to relax, meditate and experience the real Mexico.  There is no traffic, no noise except the sounds of the birds and the ocean, no TV, and no shopping malls. This is a chance to really get away from it all and experience a new dimension  of yourselves.

The San Blas Yoga Retreat is located in Santa Cruz, Mexico, 20 miles south of San Blas, 100 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  We will pick you up at the airport in Puerto Vallarta.  The cost is $1200 USD  for the week, double occupancy, $1450 single occupancy, excluding airfare.    

Everyone is welcome. These are casual, fun yoga retreats where all ages and levels can participate.  Senior discounts are available for seniors 55 and over.

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