Kombucha Mushroom Tea served
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The Kombucha Mushroom by Andra Anastazia Malczewski

My favorite topic is the Kombucha, a yeast enzyme tea that has been documented for over two thousand years.  This refreshing and good-tasting beverage has been used as a "cure-all" in many countries and it is surprising that more people in North American don't know about it.

Kombucha is highly effective, easy and ecomonical.

With a formula that contains only simple household ingredients, you can make a longevity kombucha tonic that has been well documented for its ability to restore health and cure a wide range of illnesses.

The first recorded use of the kombucha tonic, also known as "Manchurian Mushroom Tea," was in 221 B.C. during the Chinese empire of the Tsin-Dynasty. They called it "The Remedy for Immortality" ro the "Divine Tsche."

Documentation of a kombucha mushroom tea tonic has come from doctors, scientists and researchers from Germany, France, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and the United States and Canada.

These are some of the many different names of the mushroom tea tonic: Konbucha Elixir, Cembuya Orientalis, Tschambucco, Manchurian Mushroom Tea, Kwassan, Teekwass, Karagasok Tea, Remedy for Immortality, The Divine Tsche, Pichia Fermentans, Volga-Spring, Brinuma-Ssene (Wonder-Mushroom), Zo-gu, Hongo Chino, Madre de Vinagre and Champignon de Longue Vie.

Kombucha is completely natural and no side effects have ever been reported.

I will show you a very how you can create a small biochemical laboratory in a jar to make your own kombucha tea.

The simple ingredients are black tea and white sugar. Through the miraculous process of fermentation the tea is capable of giving birth to an aquatic mushroom. This mushroom is a symbiosis of yeast cells and healthful bacteria that provide protective intestinal flora.

Once a mushroom is formed it will reproduce itself in about a week. Once a week you make a new kombucha tea using sugar for the fermentation. The tea is poured into a clean wide-mouthed jar and the mushroom is places to float on the surface. The tea is then left to ferment with the mushroom for 7-14 days, according to taste. The tea will be transformed into a cider-like beverage and most of the sugar is consumed by the growing mushroom.

The kombucha tonic is poured into another jar and is ready to drink. The same mushroom is rinsed off and placed in a new jar of tea and the process repeats itself. If the fermented beverage is left unrefrigerated in a jar, a mushroom will appear in about a week.

Health food stores around the country are beginning to sell bottled Kombucha tea. The same liquid can be purchased, poured into a glass jar and covered, it the liquid is still alive you will see you mushroom form in about one week.

Developing one from just the tea and sugar takes about three weeks if conditions are right. The kombucha mushroom will continue to reproduce itself and its diameter will grow to the same size as its container.

Andra Malczewski is the author of Kombucha -
the Essential Mushroom.

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