Try nopal cactus at the San Blas Yoga Retreats


From ancient times the nopal has had a great economic importance in Mesoamerica.  The plant served as a food for hunters and collectors in the high planes of Mexico.  The juicy fruits called tunas are  delicious, like honey, and can be eaten raw or used to prepare refreshing drinks.  When Andra went to Rio De Catorse in the 90s, they ate hundreds a day, some tasting like raspberries, others like watermelons or pears.  The flavors are different for the different color fruits.  The green leaf portion of the nopal is also used in popular medicine.  Its a great blood builder and a common cure for diabetes.  In ancient times it was used for kidney infections, to cure burns and inducing birth.  A current pharmaceutical study on animals has proven the antiglocemic effects that the nopole leaves provide as a nutritional supplement.  The nopal leaves are a common food in Mexico, used as a mix to put in tacos, as a salad, with eggs and in soup.  The leaves are quite tasty, even to those not accustomed to eating them.

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