Retreats to revitalize your mind, body and spirit.

The yoga program is designed for all levels ... beginning to advanced.  We will have 2 yoga sessions a day.  In the morning we will have a dynamic session combining Tibetan and Hatha yoga.  In the evening we will have a special relaxing session combined with meditations designed to give you a most restful night of sleep.  The yoga clases might be held in the Tiki room of the governor's mansion, on the beach or on the grassy lawn by the old fig tree overlooking the Pacific.

Yoga means union.  There are many forms of yoga, but the basic goal is harmony of body, mind and spirit.  The most common result of practicing yoga exercise is spinal flexibility and relief form many back problems that are due to stress and tension.  Another beneficial effect is the stimulation and rejuvenation of the glands and hormonal system. All ages may participate and yoga and it is an excellent way to stay young.

Yoga is a delightful and healthy way to achieve an optimum state of health.  In yoga practice the body is considered a temple of the spirit. When we are in balance and is good health it is natural to achieve a state of harmony in body, mind and spirit.  Also, considering the total natural beauty of this tropical paradise we feel that you will have the experience of a lifetime and take this back to you daily personal life. This could be the spiritual experience you have been waiting for!

Yoga is not only a method for self-realization and personal growth, it is also a natural medicine that promotes health and quality of life. Many postures and techniques in hatha yoga help to control and heal the body and the mind based on the physiological principals of Ayurveda medicine which is traditional in India.

The regular practice of yoga helps a person feel better and stronger and increases flexibility and balance. In yoga, part of the idea is that the body and breathing are related to the mind. The exercises are based on breathing control and a series of asthetic postures combined with techniques for relaxation, detoxification and meditation. These methods benefit physical, emotional and mental health and allow one to look at life from a more harmonious point of view.

Studies indicate that yoga exercise and breathing increase mental energy and reduce levels of stress. Also it balances the emotions, and improves concentration and memory.

Yoga techniques are also used to combat anemia, old age, stress, asthma, chronic illness, back problems, headaches, diabetes, addictions, liver illness, indigestion and internal gas. Not only that, yoga increases your muscular strength, and improves your sex life. Those who practice yoga regularly will have a much healthier and happier life style.

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